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Essential steps for meditation

  1. It is important to have a separate room for meditation where not many people have access. A small room, without a window to distract, without insects is an ideal room.
  2. The room should have beautiful portraits of God/Gods and Guru.
  3. Self control should be practiced on individual's actions, food, places visiting, dreams etc.
  4. Food should be pure, vegetarian and from righteous earnings.
  5. Food should be prepared in the pure and right frame of mind and after preparation it should have been offered to god and guru first.
  6. Yoga exercises and 'Jeevan Tatva Sadhan' should be practiced daily.
  7. The room for meditation should always be clean and pure. Females during their periods should not enter the room.
  8. From time to time the divine scriptures like Ramayana, Mahabharata, Upanishads, Geeta, Gurugeeta etc. should be read in that room.
  9. Always try to seek blessings from saints and yogis and spend time in their company ('satsang').
  10. Discipline should be maintained in life and at a definite time worship, asanas and meditation should be done regularly.
  11. It is ideal if meditation is done during the early morning hours as during those hours Siddha Yogis can easily notice the devotees.
  12. Stay with total self control in that place. Do not quarrel, have any family feud or display any unpleasant behavior.
  13. Chanting of mantra is most essential. (Mantra Japa).
    Method of Chanting Guru Mantra
    Take a breath with the first letter/word/part of your Mantra inside. Hold your breath with the second letter/word/part of the Mantra and take out the breath with it. This will automatically start the Purak, Rechak and Kumbhak Pranayam that will control the mind and help concentrating it at a desired place. After some practice this action happens with ease naturally and becomes internal.
  14. Practice of Shatkarmas- Neti, Jalneti, Dugdhaneti help in Meditation.
  15. River from the Ganges, Cow's milk, Tulsi, Gomutra is good for purity. Fragrant flowers, incense, camphor etc. are also useful in creating an environment.
  16. The place to sit should neither be very raised on too low. Only one place should be used everyday. Sit on a woolen cloth as it is an insulation for energy generated in the body while meditating. No other person should use that woolen cloth except the person using it.
  17. It is best to start meditation with mentally worshipping the God/Guru. It is best to start mentally worshipping by touching God's/Guru's feet.
  18. Then concentrate on the Muladhar chakra of the body and the Lord of that chakra- Ganesh. This particular meditation should be done when Guru instructs a disciple to follow this route, otherwise there are many other ways of meditating and they should be done under the guidance of a capable guru.