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YogYogeshewar Sri Chandra Mohan Ji Maharaj

Great Yogis have been coming to this Earth and their divine grace has been flowing like the holy river Ganges. If this does not happen then 'Dharma' will not exist and without that even the world will also cease to exist. Even today there are many 'Siddha Yogis' or great realized souls that exist in forests, mountains etc. away from the general public and do good to the mankind with their divine and pure thoughts, through means of yoga, through their disciples, through the different religions and sects, directly or indirectly, through body forms ('Kaya Nirmana') or bodiless form which is beyond the comprehension of any common man. Such great soul may seem like taking human form and leaving human forms like mortal beings but they are immortal beings. They take body forms to do their work and then disappear after completing it. Their writings, quotes and directions make people's lives and infuse new life and bliss.

Such great Yogis always hide themselves from others and never come in the limelight. They are never after money, publicity or luxuries. Only few deserving ones get to meet them and experience their divine grace. Our Gurudev YogYogeshwar Anant Vibhushit Sri Chandra Mohan Ji Maharaj is from that highest order.

Birth and Childhood

He was born in Alupur village in Haryana, India on 16 October 1907. His father's name was Pundit Deviram ji Sharma and mother's name was Srimati Charati Devi. At the age of three he used to see Lord Sri Krishna as a child and used to play with him. He used to ask his mother about this strange kid and ask her to put the same kind of cap/crown that Lord Krishna was wearing. His mother could not understand what he was saying. Gurudev as a child sometimes used to see radiating light and used to follow it to the forest nearby and sit by the pond there and meditate. In his dreams he used to see himself flying in the air indicating his 'akashgaman siddhi' of his previous birth. His primary education was at his home under the discipline of his father. His parents used to tell him stories from Mythology and 'Upanishads' and make him chant 'mantras'. After his thread ceremony and 'Gayatri Sadhna' he had pretty good 'sanskars' and was well on his way to do more intense sadhnas. He used to stay away from all entertainment and people and spend more time in solitude. At the age of 10 his mother expired. His mother had a strong desire that while dying she should have her head on her child's lap. He was later admitted to Dayananda Brahma Vidyalaya for education. His higher education was under a renowned Sanskrit scholar Acharya Vishwabandhu in Lahore (now in Pakistan).

Sadhna (penance) period

At a very young age gurudev used to have experiences in meditation. He used to see his Gurudev Mahaprabhu Ramlal ji in meditations but had to wait for few years before he could see Prabhuji in body form. Gurudev did extreme penance in a Shiva temple at a place called 'Guru ke Daniyala' near Amritsar, Punjab. Later he met Swami Mulakhraj ji Maharaj another great yogi disciple of Prabhuji and was told about Prabhuji's whereabouts by him. Gurudev first met Prabhuji in Rishikesh and after initiation was ordered to go to Vrindavan. During initiation prabhuji told him that he had been waiting for him and asked him to give himself as 'gurudakshina' (offering to the guru). Prabhuji had then asked gurudev what he wants in life, to which gurudev replied that he wants to do the yoga that can get him Lord Krishna.

In Vrindavan he had many spiritual experiences and stayed with Yogi Aghaddutta and Brahmachari Gopalananda ji (the writer and composer of the famous bhajan- Govinda jai jai Gopal jai jai Radha raman Hari gopal jai jai. Gopalanda ji was also a disciple of Prabhuji and was told by him that the whole world will sing these lines in future but nobody will remember you.) Gurudev did many anushthans, yagnas, yoga- sadhanas, swadhyaya and tapas. It was in Vrindavan that he had a realization of the four mahavakyas of Vedas.

After Vrindavan Gurudev moved to Haridwar and stayed on a hill named Chandi. He was not scared of any wild animals. Snakes and scorpions used to crawl over him but he used to be unperturbed in his meditation. Gurudev used to mention about some yogis during that era who used to roam in those mountains at that time and their age was 400-500 years.

Gurudev's personality

Gurudev can be described as with wheatish complexion, healthy, 6 ft. tall, radiating pleasant face, eyes that could awaken inner light, and a posture that was always looking beyond. His looks were a source of love. On hearing someone's problems he used to clear them as if it was a child's play for him. There was a charismatic attraction in his voice. When he used to pat on the back, something inside used to happen to devotees that filled them with divine bliss and kundalini shakti used to rise upwards. His raised hand for blessing used to shower shaktipat to hundreds of people in that gathering. He used to quote from Vedas, Gita, Ramayana, 'Upanishads' etc. fluently. He could talk shastras indicating his command over Ritambhara Pragya. He let his disciples experience heights of yoga practically that are rare to achieve in modern times and for which people leave the world , go to forests and do penance for years and many lives. Such rare experiences were given to people very easily without having to leave the material world. HathaYoga, Raja Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jyana Yoga, Kriya Yoga etc. were all mastered and were taught to deserving disciples depending on their karmas and interests.

The Divine Work of Gurudev

Jeevan Tatva sadhan and teaching yoga.

Gurudev spread the 9 Yoga exercises invented by Prabhuji called 'Jeewan tatva sadhan'. These 9 exercises are meant for general well being of the body and mind, and curing different ailments. It is the simplification of various yogasanas. A person who does these simple asanas for 3 hours daily for a period of 6 months can feel renewed and recharged and can get rid of many kinds of ailments. Disorders and diseases from their root. They should be done during the early morning hours with an empty stomach. These exercises should be followed by a certain kind of meditation where the person meditates on a small kid/as a small kid. This releases mental tensions, cures mental Disorders and other physical problems. There is also a strict food type and schedule to be followed during the exercise days. These foods include lentils, raw vegetables, curd, milk etc.
The names of these 9 exercises are as follows- Sarvottan, Skandha Chalan, Paga Chalan, Nabhi Chalan, Janu Prasar, Bal Machalan, Bal Dhayan, Nadi Sanchalan, Utprekshan. Gurudev wrote 2 books also on these exercises
(ps. I will try to post a more detailed description of these exercises on the web for everyone soon. Currently I am focussing on uploading the introduction to the life and work of prabhuji and my Gurudev).

Gurudev himself used to do these Jeevan Tatva sadhan exercises and when his disciples used to ask him why he needs to do them as he is a complete yogi, he used to smile and say that he does it for those disciples who are not able to do these exercises


According to Lord Shiva there are 84 lakh various forms of body form that a soul can take after death according to the karmas. The number of asanas are also 84 Lakh as much as the 'Yonis'. Gurudev used to explain asanas in context of asanas- siddhis, differences between asanas and other physical exercises, effect of Yogasanas on mind, body, soul. It effect on speech, celibacy, use of asanas in awakening of kundalini power and samadhi. Many a times people were able to perfect an asana just by a mere divine look from Gurudev. Gurudev also wrote a book called ' Sachitra Yogasanas' explaining them in detail.

Yogic shatkarmas

Gurudev wrote a book on Yogic Shatkarma detailing different aspects. Dhoti, Vasti, Netiloliki, Trataka and Kapalbhati are known as 6 shatkarmas. Amongst these Neti-sutra neti, Jal neti and milk neti were the common ones practiced in his ashram.

Establishing Yogashrams

Gurudev traveled across India spreading the message of yoga and opened a few centers for this mission. Everything was free of cost and available to anybody interested. During his tours he used to give lectures, cure people and give shaktipat to the deserving souls. The main centers established were located in
- Sawain village, near Etmatpur, Agra, UP.
- Rishikesh, UP.
- New Delhi

Yoga sadhna

Sri Gurudev used to preach to his disciples to follow 'Ashtanga Yoga'. The eight steps to this yoga are- Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahar, Dhyana, Dharana, Samadhi. The first 5 of these are external and the other 3 are internal. Through the process of shaktipat (transfer of power and awakening of Kundalini/ serpent power) gurudev used to put his disciples in the superconscious plane were they used to see them in 'chittakash'. At that level those disciples used to have divine and supernatural experiences that are beyond the scope of expression by external senses. By the grace of gurudev disciples used to see all those things are are divine and are part of Mahakasha in which all atoms exist and by his grace disciples could also see what was inside Gatakash. When Kundalini after awakening travels through the Sushumna and reaches the Sahasrara Chakra, the Chidakasha also feels 'shunya' and Atma manifests in its original form. Gurudev himself used to exist in that exhaulted state of being. Many of his disciples used to stay in the state of Samadhi for hours and days without getting up for even a minute. These disciples were not just people who had renounced the world but also people who are married and are doing their worldly duties along with their sadhna.

Sri Siddha Gufa (the sacred cave)
Sri Siddha gufa is the sacred place where Prabhuji Sri Ramlal ji Maharaj/ Prabhuji (or Mahavtar Babaji) spent few years. It is located in a remote village called Sawain, near a small town called Etmadpur in Agra, UP. The nearest railway station is Tundla. At such a emote location Prabhuji spent few years perfecting his disciples in the depths of yoga and worked for the betterment of humankind. Only those people whom Prabhuji wanted could reach him after a long travel to that remote unknown village.

The sand of this cave is still revered by thousands of people and they put it on their forehead with respect. It is said to have worked miracles to many ill, diseased and troubled people. For Yoga aspirants this sand and the cave has helped them achieve concentration and reach inner depths of meditation. Prabhuji authorized Gurudev to take care of this cave and left for his abode in Nepal Himalayas.

In 1942 during the intense yoga sadhna that Gurudev was doing in Vrindavan he felt an urge to visit Sawin cave. Thus he came to sawain after traveling through Mathura, Gokul, Dauji, Khandoli. He spent a few months there curing the villagers of various diseases and illnesses with his yoga and Ayurveda knowledge and guiding yoga aspirants in the path of Siddha Yoga. The Portrait of Prabhuji is still worshipped in that cave daily. During the festivals of Ramnavami (Prabhuji's birthday) and Guru Purnima thousands of people gather around the Siddha Gufa to offer their prayers. At this place many people have experienced shaktipat and even today in the physical absence of Gurudev people have experienced Sahktipat and other miracles.

Shaktipat Capability

Gaining the ultimate knowledge and realizing self is the ultimate goal of this human birth. This is possible through the process of receiving Shaktipat by an authorized, capable and realized Guru. It is only through the shaktipat by these siddha Gurus that the internal eyes of sadhak is opened and kundalini can travel upwards via shushumna towards the upper Chakras.
Gurudev used to have such capabilities and examples of them are attempted below.

Hearing of various sounds of NadaLoka like- nama sankirtana, mridanga, dundhubhi, counch, veena, gong, cymbals, flute etc. instruments, honey bee sounds, Gandharva's sounds etc. Sometimes disciples used to dance. In Sahasrar chakra gurudev used to put some disciples and they used to hear many of the divine sounds. The sweet sound of Lord Krishna's flute was also hear by many disciples during meditation. The Nada related shaktipat has been experienced by many sadhaks inside the Siddha Gufa cave.

Kundalini Awakening

Many a times people from other sects used to come and question Gurudev if he has any disciple whose kundalini is awakened. Gurudev in a very simple way used to awaken kundalini of many people in the room and say to the questioner to find out themselves if they have the ability to find about what they are seeing. Thus gurudev used to have immense capability to do shaktipat which is very rare in modern times. Firstly it is very difficult in today's world to find someone who is a true realized saint and from them it is more difficult to find such realized yogi that can also make others realize themselves the same way he has realized and if he is a true guru. Meaning he can get one with the 'guru satta' (the supreme guru) and give initiation and do shaktipat.

Seeing divine Lokas (planets)

Sadhakas used to have visions of different lokas like Saket dham, Golok dham, swarga (heaven) etc. Gurudev used to show these places in the earlier stages of meditation so that these places no longer have any attraction for the student and he focusses on the main goal in meditation.

Seeing previous births

Many disciples see their past births during meditations. A resident of Kachwan village in Mirjapur Mr. Kanhaiya ji saw the battle of Mahabharata fought thousands of years ago and he saw himself fighting and getting unconscious due to a hit by the club weapon.

Seeing realized saints (siddha purushas)

Siddha yogis do come and give darshan during auspicious occasions and festivals like Kumbha and Ardhakumbha that are held in Prayag, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik. Siddha Yogis here give darshan to deserving people in body form. At many instances such people used to come to gurudev and ask for the 'Pushpa Prasad' (blessings in the form of flower petals). After receiving this prasad they used to disappear. There are many disciples today that can explain their experiences with these siddha yogis.

Difficult Yogic exercises

Many difficult and seemingly impossible asanas used to happen to sadhakas easily just due to the blessings of gurudev or merely by a smiling glance at the sadhak by gurudev. The sadhak also could not believe himself how he could do such a difficult posture. Sometimes when people used to write letters expressing their problems, he used to direct them to do a certain easy asana and that was enough to cure a very grave problem.

Success for everyone

Sometimes people from other sects or religions, or people initiated by some other gurus used to come for blessings. Gurudev used to bless them and give them shaktipat so that they can progress within their own gurumantra or religious practices.

Pushpa Prasad (flower petals as blessings)

The blessings received in the form of flower petals contained gurudev's thought power and was divine blessing for variety of purposes. When given to a sadhak going to meditate, it was very easy for him to experience depths in meditation, experience the tatvas (elements), smell divine fragrances, taste divine nectars, see divine forms, feel divine touch etc.


Gurudev's blessing's were enough for fulfilling any material or spiritual wish. Gurudev used to put anyone in whatever field or profession he was, to the pinnacle. For example the musician of the Pakhavaj instrument- King of Vijana. Anupamrai and his disciple Ruchi made the world record in dance and music. Late Mr. Ramgopal from a Kanpur village got international recognition in Kawalli singing. Mr. Rajnarayana and Ms Sushma Swaraj got the high political positions. In Yoga Mr. Ashok and Mr. Sansar Singh etc. reached the highest levels in Hatha Yoga. Famous and highly respected Sant Sri Asaram ji and his gurudev Sant Sri Lilashah Bapu ji maharaj also had come to meet him in the Rishikesh ashram and had asked questions related to the depths of Yoga. There are many more known and unknown people who have received blessings directly or indirectly.

Ashtang Yoga

Many people were enter into samadhi state without going through the rigorous process of the first five stages in yoga. This was all possible due to blessings of gurudev.

Fruit Prasad

When gurudev used to be in his state of compassion he used to give blessings like generous lord Shiva in the form of fruits that used to fill people with the fruits of Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha. Such rare blessings were given so generously to people that sometimes people could not understand the value of what they were receiving.

Giver of Ashta Siddhis (eight kind of perfections) and Nav Nidhis (nine kinds of wealth)

Gurudev was a born siddha and mahasiddha. All the siddhis and nidhis together could not compare with his Mahasiddhis. These siddhis can be attained by rigorous penance and chanting mantras but finding someone who is a mahasiddha is extremely rare. Siddhis and riddhis are always ready to serve such a siddha mahayogi.
Following are the ashta siddhis- aarogya, mahima, garima, laghima, prapti, prakamya, eshitva, vashitva. Nava Nidhis- Padam, mahapadma, shankha, makara, kachappa, mukunda, kunda, neel and kharva.
Giving away these siddhis and nidhis was a child's play for him.

Yoga Shiromani

On many occasions he had graced international yoga conferences and been the chair person. Once during an international conference a foreign organizer asked gurudev if their are any real yogis in India even in this era. On hearing this gurudev gave Pushpa prasad to him and he immediately went into deep meditation. Other organizers tried hard to wake him up but he could not be woken up from his samadhi. After 6-7 hours the organizer requested gurudev to get him up and then gurudev ordered this foreigner to get up and he woke up.

Great saint Asaram ji had come with gurudev's disciple Mr. Gurumukh Das Thirvani ji in 1973 with his doubts and gurudev easily cleared all of them.

During one of the annual music concerts of Ramlal sangeet Mahavidyalaya in Jhansi, once a Muslim musician after impressing gurudev with his night performance approached gurudev in the morning for blessings. Gurudev gave him a piece of sweet and after eating it he saw Lord Krishna everywhere, in everything throughout the day. He did not understand what was happening to him and could not handle such a high state of yoga. In the evening he pleaded to gurudev to take away what was given to him as he may get out of his mind. Gurudev with a smile relieved him of this state of Yoga.

It was not human beings that had the good fortune of receiving blessings from Gurudev. Even animals had been blessed at times. Once in the Sawain Ashram Gurudev ordered all the monkeys to stand in a line and all the monkeys stood in a line and received prasad through Gurudev's hands.

Jeevandaan (giving life)

Lord Krishna had given life to his cowherd friends, Uttara's son. Adi Shankaracharya, Taillang swami and Goswami Tulsidas had given life to dead son's of those crying mothers. In this present jet age gurudev had also did a similar leela. In a village called Malavan while he was touring for yoga discourses one widow potter lady came to his door crying with her 1.5 year old dead son in the night. She begged and cried to Gurudev to bring back his son to life. Gurudev tried to explain him but she did not listen. Finally Gurudev made the child alive again.

There is no end to such incidents, blessings and miracles. It is only due to these reasons that he is known as 'Anantavibhushita'.


Some of the teachings of Gurudev

  1. I pray again and again to Prabhuji Sri Ramlal ji maharaj whose blessings can purify even the most downtrodden of the lot. His blessings can make a person reach the goal of human life easily.
  2. Humans can reach the goal of their life only through Yoga. Yoga alone can give salvation, it is the only nectar that can help humans conquer death and have all the spiritual wealth.
  3. Unhappiness, restlessness, lawlessness that pervades the world today can only be changed if people can take refuge in Yoga, follow Yama and Niyama.
  4. Discipline is the first step in yoga. One should follow it at all times while sleeping, awaken state, eating, working etc.
  5. A sadhak who continues to practice yoga for a long time and have faith on their guru mantra will definitely reach the heights of yoga and will not only develop their life in this world but also the life after death.
  6. It is difficult to have peace and prosperity in a country without considering each person as an important unit and giving importance to developing his character. Self development of a person cannot be done without directing him towards yoga path. Thus it is required to spread the message of yoga throughout the world.
  7. The Yajurveda's shanti mantra is a proof that people of India don't just want peace in their country but throughout the universe.
  8. Every country is required to have a separate department of yoga and through different schemes promote the tenets of Yoga to everyone.
  9. A person who follows the path of yoga must understand that yoga is the only way to get rid of all problems and unhappiness in life.
  10. One who daily reads the texts written by sages of yore with full devotion will definitely get samadhi and attain moksha.
  11. The meaning of swadhyaya is study of self or self introspection. One who does this daily in all his activities (physical, mental, spiritual etc.) will definitely conquer themselves.
  12. Try to make it a habit to do swadhyaya and do it with devotion. Without swadhyaya it will be difficult to have a felling of doing tapa or surrender to God.
  13. The Practice of Brahmacharya helps in attaining Shakti, Oja, Tej. Devas have conquered death due to the power of brahmacharya.
  14. One who daily sits in meditation for 3 hours and concentrates on his goal without any external thoughts definitely reaches his goal.
  15. The yogi who is samadhi cannot become a prey to 'Kal" (death), he cannot be bound by karmas, he cannot be controlled by any mantra or yantras by anyone.
  16. Even a yoga sadhaka can travel further than a person practicing karmakanda. A yoga sadhaka who religiously follows his gurus instructions according the methods described by shastras will definitely attain development of their self and progress in the path of self realization.
  17. Yoga means to connect or to unite. The real meaning is samadhi- control of thoughts ('chitta vrittis').
  18. Wherever a person is devoted, it will protect the devotee like a mother.
  19. Sadhak should understand and discriminate the visual world and without getting attached to it move forward and fulfill the purpose for which he has taken human birth.
  20. Every person should take refuge in his gurudev and follow his instructions and work towards his progress so that he can reach his goal quickly and attain supreme bliss and everlasting peace.
  21. Every person should value the yoga path he gets to follow due to the good deeds done in his past births and use his time meaningfully rather than be lazy. This life is invaluable and should not be wasted.
  22. Everything can be attained with purushartha (hard work). Purushartha can even change the fate.
  23. People who keep practicing also get 'vairagya' (detachment) easily. After controlling the mind only can one get real peace and happiness.
  24. It is a rule of shastras that the nature of our mind is due to the food that we eat. Whatever kind of food we eat determines the kind of mental thoughts we get.
  25. It is important that the food we eat is pure and satvik and earned through righteous means. If the food is offered by a non vegetarian or a murderer it will create disturbance in the mind.
  26. The root cause of all diseases is 'mal prakop' ( waste in the body). Thus to get rid of all problems it is necessary to practice yoga exercises daily.
  27. Continuous japa of gurumantra will definitely control the mind.
  28. If a sadhak does japa for an hour and goes to sleep and thinks about kailash dham, golok dham or saket dham then the whole night sleep becomes yoga nidra.
  29. If we sit in one posture/ asana and practice sitting in that posture for many hours without feeling fatigued or tired and feel very light and happy then we should know that we are moving towards conquering that posture.
  30. Our life is dependent on 'pranas'. People who waste their breaths move slowly towards death and are preyed by death in a short time. Thus we must not lose the treasure of breaths.
  31. Yogis can conquer death through pranayama practice.
  32. The fickleness of mind is the cause of bondage. Thus one should control the mind and attain salvation.
  33. Until the mind does not become introvert through concentration the inner powers are not awakened.
  34. Detach yourself from the external world and move towards the inner world and try to see your atma/ soul. After attaining that treasure practice 'maun' (silence). Have the capability to drink the ocean and still have the lips dry.
  35. If the sadhak controls his tongue and practices silence, then silence will become an integral part of his sadhna and it will help him concentrate.
  36. Concentrating mind onto some goal is called 'dharana'. This is the first step in yoga.
  37. Concentration on a subject continuously without any other subject is called meditation.
  38. A sadhak who is a bhramachari (celibate), mitahari (eats right food), tyagi (detached) and follows yoga with devotion will become a siddha in a period of one year.
  39. 'Om' is Brahma. It is the greatest. After knowing this word a person can get whatever he wants.
  40. Japa/chanting of the pranava (om) knowing its meaning will concentrate a person's mind.
  41. Yoga is the only path that can make a person master his hidden powers.
  42. Kundalini power is everybody's power. In devas it is awakened, while in humans is in sleep/is inactive.

According to gurudev people who forget the Shiva inside them and worship elsewhere are running here and there. There is a shivalinga inside everyone and that is 'shatchakra bhedan'. Its practice will lead to pranas traveling through the shushumna nerve towards the upper centers This leads to control of mind and various siddhis automatically come to the sadhak. The person in that state should not have any greed for powers/ siddhis and continue to have full devotion in his guru and travel through the 6 chakras to realize self and become one with parabrahma that is the supreme goal of Yoga.

Books written by Gurudev

Yogeshwar Sri Chandra Mohan ji maharaj attained his yoga wealth under the guidance of Mahasiddha Yogyogeshwar Mahaprabhu Sri Ramlal ji maharaj. Gurudev wrote many books in Hindi to spread the knowledge of Yoga. The list of the books written by him are as follows

  1. Yogasan Chitrapat
  2. Sri Yogeshwar Prabhu Ramlal ji Maharj swahasta likhit kathas and updesha.
  3. Yogasan
  4. Sri Bhramachari Gopalananda
  5. Yogiraj Sri Mulakhraj Ji
  6. Eight Yogis
  7. Samadhista Yoginis
  8. The Miracles of Sawain
  9. Means of controlling mind
  10. Jeevan Tatva sadhan
  11. Guru Geeta
  12. Yoga Siddhanta (Part 1 and 2)
  13. Shatkarmas
  14. My arrival in Sawain
  15. Great Mahayogis
  16. The power of a yogi
  17. Jeevan tatva sadhan.

There is also a monthly magazine published by the ashram called- Siddha Yoga.
This magazine contains articles, experiences of sadhaks and other yoga related information. The books can be bought and the magazine can be subscribed by writing to-
The Publisher
Sri Siddha Gufa Yoga Training center
Sawain Village
Etmadpur, Near Tundla.
Agra. Uttar Pradesh. India.

Gurudev as a Siddha Guru

According to Shikhopnishad it is very hard to get to the state of 'Kaivalya', but with the grace of a siddha guru it is easy to reach to this height. In all the methods described for God realization, the grace of a guru is the best. A Siddha guru is one in whose presence the sadhak automatically starts getting inner experiences, gets rid of his problems, mantra chanting happens with ease, asanas- pranayam that were never done by the sadhak before happen easily and the sadhak experiences supreme bliss.

Leaving this body

Gurudev used to explain Yoga darshan and its commentaries by different saints, intricate and complicate concepts from Geeta, Ramayan, Bhagwat, Puranas, Mahabharata, 'Upanishads' etc. in a very simple language for everyone. He used to tell people about Prabhuji Sri Ramlal ji Maharaj, Adi guru Sadashiva and other yogis from Himalayas along with their routines and when they come out of their samadhis after hundreds of years. He used to explain the mysteries of 'Kaya Nirman' in which these siddhayogis could take any body form and work for the betterment of the humankind. According to Bhagwat geets's fourth chapter's 8th and 9th shlokas a yogi takes a visible form to complete his tasks and goes away. After that they still keep working for mankind in the form of their etherical or through their divine soul that is invisible. Gurudev after completing his work through this body left it on 25th June 1990.

After leaving this mortal body he was cremated on the banks of river Ganges in Haridwar near the hill of mount Chandi. A miracle happened when his body was kept on the banks of Ganges at Neeldhara. He was kept about 8 ft. away from the river and on a 2 ft. high platform. When the disciples were arranging for his bath, river Ganges starting rising in and reached a water level just enough to touch Gurudev's feet and went away to its original water level. This happened twice. All this took place in a a few minutes of time and was very unusual. Such is the greatness of a siddha yogi that Goddess Ganga too comes to touch his feet. The world knows only two other saints in this age who were similarly worshipped by the river Ganga. They were Tailang Swami in Kashi and Saint Raidas in Haridwar. While Gurudev's pyre was burning his hand raised and blessed his disciples All these two incidents were also witnessed by me and I feel fortunate to see gurudev's greatness and understand his divinity.

Such Siddha Yogis are very rare to find in this world especially someone who led a very simple life, accessible to anyone and everyone and was not after popularity and money. Even after performing miracles he never claimed that he did them. He attributed all his achievements and miracles to his Guru Prabhuji Sri Ramlal Ji Maharaj.