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Acharya Chandrahas Sharma
Shambhavi Kutir, F-41, Jeewan Park, Pankha road,
Uttam Nagar, New Delhi- 110059.
Phone- (+91) 11- 5550761, 5515034
Email- rectangles@yahoo.com

About Acharya Chandra Has Sharma

Acharya Chandra Has Sharma is a retired professor in education, and ex Dean of modern sciences and learning from Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidyapeeth (deemed University) in New Delhi. Mr. Sharma has been initiated in the yoga order by late HH. Yogiraj Sri Chandra Mohan ji maharaj in India. HH.Sri Chandra Mohan ji maharaj was the disciple of HH Yogiraj Sri Ramlal ji maharaj (the world also knows him as Mahavtar Babaji).

Acharyaji has been involved with spreading the message of his guru through lectures, writings and yoga camps. Mr. Sharma has been writing articles, touring extensively conducting yoga camps and classes in various institutes and organizations like the Indian institute of Technology, Kanpur U.P., Delhi Sanskrit academy, Sri Chandra Mahavidyalaya-New Delhi, Sri Ramlal Sangeet Mahavidyalaya- Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, Siddha Yoga center-Kangra, Himachal Pradesh and many others. He delivers lectures on yoga, meditation - depths and experiences, shaktipat mysteries, healing methods through Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Astrology etc. He researches and experiments with ayurveda and astrology to cure ailments of people. He is a regular writer and editor for a magazine in Hindi language called 'Siddha Yoga' and other publications. He is an advisor to the state government of New Delhi on moral education and is the advisor to Union government's Yoga Organizations.

The work in the field of Yoga that he does is apart from his profession. He feels he is only a mouthpiece of his guru to spread his message and help people in their spiritual quest. He believes that by spreading knowledge he is only doing service to his guru. The yoga philosophy of Siddha Yoga is not just physical exercises but much beyond that, leading to self realization. This is done through the practices of meditation and other kriyas. For meditations the focus of Siddha Yoga methods is receiving divine grace via shaktipat and delving into the inner worlds to attain peace, tranquility and realization of self. The true seeker only needs to arrange for a simple accommodation , very simple food in India at their own cost and have sincerity towards learning the ancient science of yoga. In case one needs any help in this regard, Mr. Sharma can help arrange that. Mr. Sharma only wants deserving people who can receive the knowledge and experiences he has gained over years. He does not make any disciples or ashrams or give any initiations as only a complete master of Siddha Yoga who has been authorized by his guru to become a guru should give initiation. All initiations/ Guru Dikshas and shaktipats are given till this day by our Gurudev and Prabhuji to true seekers in their sleep/meditation/live form.

Our Gurudev preached siddha yoga- yoga from the siddha yogi parampara (inheritance), where shaktipat/ kundalini is awakened by guru's grace. It is very very rare to find such gurus in toady's world that has many people doing business of yoga or are not accessible to anyone and everyone.

Seekers are welcome to consult Acharya Chandra Has Sharma, but he would be unable to train on a long term basis due to time constraints. One should have genuine interest to learn yoga for their own spiritual growth.He will be more than happy to answer inquiries.Inquiries can be made directly to Mr. Sharma on the phone or via snailmail.

Any organization/group interested in seeking consultancy services from Acharya Chandra Has Sharma or would like to sponsor him for conducting a Yoga camp/lecture series/seminar etc., are welcome to contact him with their details. Any individual who needs spiritual guidance and is a sincere practitioner of Yoga, or wants Astrological/ Ayurvedic guidance for spiritual/physical problems can seek an appointment with Acharya Ji.